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Money and Mileage

I figured I’d post a bit of information for anyone who is thinking of making a trip of their own. So far, I’ve gotten a handle on fuel, mileage, and I’ve booked the proper hotels. For the final count, I’ll be staying in Hagerstown, MD., Asheville, NC., Marion, VA., and Harrisburg, PA (The main camp and class area will be in Cullowhee, NC). The total hotel cost is $256.71, two of the 4 hotels were booked with Travelocity’s top secret hotel deals. I hadn’t figured out to use that system until I had already booked the first two, but they weren’t too bad in the first place and I decided not to change the reservations(I highly recommend using the top secret hotel system for any of you hopefuls). Easily the trashiest hotel is in Marion, VA. I’m excited for this, as maybe I can hide a briefcase of money in the vent shaft ala Llewlyn. The total mileage will be 1,843 miles, and the approximate total gas expenditure will be $126.34.

For those who don’t know already, the total cost of the W-EMT class is $660, for both tuition and camping reservations (just $60 for the camp site for 6 days). That makes the total cost of the trip so far $1,043.05. Then, adding in the recent bivy sack, camping stove, fuel, ground mat, grime soap, camping shower, microfiber towel, and gaiters, this easily rockets to over another 150 or so dollars. Note, however, that I’ve been saving for this for over a year and a good amount of money was freed from savings that I had collected hoping to get an apartment with an ex – suddenly, funds were abundant (well, not really, but there was a bit more). I also have relatively low liabilities and outgoing sources. I mainly pay for gas, equipment for jobs, and some utilities here at my place. This isn’t a portrayal of how rich I am – I actually have been more liberal with tossing money into this than I should be, in case some of you can’t tell, I’m (and this is detrimental in a social sense) fairly non-materialistic, and favor the skills and experiences gained over the amount of money I should be conserving in order to build a materialistic paradise.

I’ll have a full schedule out soon, but until then since I’m new to this, tell me – what kind of questions do you have about my travels, either to NC or elsewhere?


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