An outlet for the feet that wander

Destination: Maryland

June 11th, I woke at 3:07am to my alarm. My things were packed, so I showered and bid goodbye to my mother and father. I hit the road at 3:45, to Hagerstown, MD. For the first few hours the drive was uneventful, CT is boring and I consider it just a stuck up colony of NY city. However, I was able to hit NY city and the George Washington Bridge just in time for 6 o’clock rush hour. The GPS fumbled, and I took a wrong turn into some slightly suburban NJ area. I got back on track though, and rolled into New Haven.  Needless to say, coming from some back water MA hole, the size and scope of this place kept my eyes from sticking to the road. New Jersey ended shortly after, and I was left daring my way into Pennsylvania.

I warmed up to this place in an instant, the shallow, expansive hills of farmland kept my hand out the window, swooping and diving in the air to mimic their fluidity. Farmland covered the majority of what I met there and the few communities had giant spaces between yards (I’d like to see more of that). After a bit more of driving, I got to the Hershey factory exit and stopped for gas. I bought an iced tea and some Clif bars, the last of which I just ate.

When I finally entered MD, Hagerstown was 10 minutes past the state line. The Hagerstown downtown area seems like a fantastic place, and I hope to go there for dinner tonight at some restaurant. The Days Inn greeted me a few miles down the path. I pulled in early at around 10:30am, rolled down my window fully, stuck my legs out, and fell asleep across the driver and passenger seat. I slept in a cramped, sweaty ordeal for about an hour and then decided to go inside to see if a room was ready despite me being early. The desk manager was named Bev, an older southern woman who warmed up to me after I shower her my military ID for a discount. Strange how that goes. She looked up my name and saw that my internet reservation hadn’t gone through, which bummed me out. I was able to get another though without much hassle, and she pointed me in the right direction. As soon as I got in my room I fell asleep again.

Then, around 3:30 I woke to take a shower. After having Christel help me with my new camera, I ventured outside to take a few shots with it and experiment. Here’s the link to the photos taken so far:

Soon, after I’ve written this, I’m going to go find a steak. Take care, all.


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