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WUMP, Day 1

June 14th, first day of Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP).

Let me start off with giving an overview of some of the fellow students I’ve been working with. I’ve been on teams with guys like Chris, or Jack who just took their EMT-B class. Then, others, like Jerry or Mark who are both physicians. We’ve got Paramedics, peace corps. Volunteers from out of the country, and one particularly awesome guy named Rusty who works on Santa Fe, NM Mountain Rescue and on their Life Flight. We’ve got Tennessee Swift Water Rescue and a Fire Investigator, along with a NOLS-inspired father and son, the father being a clinical psychiatrist. So, quite a diverse group. Then there is me, a newbie SAR guy and EMT who is stuck in the classroom shell dying to get out.

Now, about the course. All day long I’ve been involved in the most intensive EMT practical sessions of my life. From 8-5:30 we were involved in heavy wilderness trauma assessments, of which were much more comprehensive and responsibility-focused than urban EMS. For examples, I c-spined with a jacket and BEAM carried a man down a small mountain. Tomorrow, or Tuesday the 15th, I will be out until 9pm learning new splinting methods. Thursday I will be out until 12 or 1am working on a mass casualty scene in the wilderness of the local state park.

I have nothing else to report right now, I am too tired. Hopefully I will post again on Wednesday, the 16th. We’ll see.


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